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Lifting heavy, get results

  • Gals can get leaner, faster, stronger
  • Guys can get bigger, faster, stronger
  • Effective weight-loss
  • Increased metabolic response

RigRack is a hitch adapter weight rack. Now you can leave the confines of the gym and perform traditional barbell weight lifting and body-weight exercises such as pull-ups or suspension training wherever your vehicle goes: driveway, hilltop, park, beach, backyard, or indoor home gym.

RigRack Features

  • Attaches to any vehicle with a hitch
  • Compact, portable and easily assembled
  • Barbell doubles as a pull-up bar
  • Stows neatly for travel/storage
  • Compatible with battle ropes, sand bags, suspension training, kettle bells, agility ladders and more
  • Built to last

Coming soon: Optional accessories to secure the system to an outdoor or indoor ground mount.

Why the RigRack?

“Working out at the local park with my friends and clients is a regular routine for me. After being a personal trainer in the fitness industry for more than 17 years, guiding nature expeditions, and studying several types of martial arts, hitting it hard in or out of doors was standard practice for me. A portable weight rack was the perfect fit. I’d have my bumper plates and barbells out on the green and ask, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could do some bench, heavy squats or maybe some pull ups?’ Welcome RigRack to the picture.”

Jonathan Young

The RigRack takes some of the best barbell and body weight exercises out of the gym and transports them to wherever your vehicle ventures. It fits compactly on the hitch of any vehicle for convenient and easy transport. Once at your destination, it assembles quickly and easily for your workout of the day.

Who created the RigRack

JonathanYoung Jonathan Young, MS, CSCS, USAW, has worked in the heath/fitness and rec management industries for more than 17 years. He’s worked as a professional adventure guide, director of YMCA resident camps, gymnastics coach, manager of a health & fitness clubs, and served as Chair of the Exercise Science Department at Bryan University.

As a competitor, Jonathan medaled in several sports including bodybuilding, judo, gymnastics, marathons, swimming, water polo and NCAA D1 cheerleading for the University of Hawaii.

Jonathan’s trainer skillset includes more than 4,500 hours of personal and group training. His certifications include NSCA-CSCS, ACSM-CPT, USAW and AHA BLS Instructor.

As a professor, over the past seven years Jonathan has taught hundreds of exercise science classes at the college level. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Exercise Science.

“Working out at the park or the beach has always been invigorating for me, and I wanted a way to lift heavy weights outside of the gym environment. Voila! The RigRack was created.”

Jonathan Young

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